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Vocabulary DICE DECKS Mega Bundle

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Vocabulary DICE DECKS Mega Bundle The Elementary SLP Materials Shop

In this mega bundle you will receive ALL Vocabulary DICE DECKS for 20% off! 

Vocabulary DICE DECKS MEGA BUNDLE includes: 
Describing Words {functions, attributes, locations}
Antonyms & Synonyms
Multiple Meaning Words

Total: 120 task cards x 3 tasks each = 360 total opportunities to build vocabulary skills! 


★ How do DICE DECKS work? ★

DICE DECKS are highly engaging and make learning fun! Have a student roll a die. If the die lands on a 1 or 4, task A will be completed. If it lands on a 2 or 5, task B will be completed. If it lands on a 3 or 6, task C will be completed.


★ What are SLPs saying? ★

My students love these, thank you!” -Madelyn C. 

"Love these vocabulary decks. It makes vocabulary fun again!" -Jillian H. 

"Great resource! My students stay engaged throughout the whole session and I am able to monitor progress. Win win!" -Kaite D. 

What's Included? 
★ What’s Included? ★

Each deck contains: 
• 30 interactive task cards x 3 opportunities each = 90 opportunities to practice this skill
• Black and white {printer friendly} version of task cards
• Data Sheets

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