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Questioning Skills DICE DECKS Mega Bundle

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Questioning Skills DICE DECKS Mega Bundle The Elementary SLP Materials Shop

Use these decks to give your students lots of practice learning how to ask and answer questions! This bundle includes 4 DICE DECKS, and is a great value at 20% off


The DICE DECKS included in this BUNDLE are: 
Answering WH Questions {who, what, & where}
Answering WH Questions {when, why, & how}
Asking WH Questions
Asking Questions – Changing Statements into Questions 

Total: 120 task cards x 3 tasks each = 360 total opportunities to practice asking and answering questions! 


★ How do DICE DECKS work? ★

DICE DECKS are highly engaging and make learning fun! Have a student roll a die. If the die lands on a 1 or 4, task A will be completed. If it lands on a 2 or 5, task B will be completed. If it lands on a 3 or 6, task C will be completed.


★ What are SLPs saying? ★

“These are so unique, my students love them. Excellent product!” -Elise D. 

This is one of the most helpful bundles I've bought! It makes mixed groups a breeze and I absolutely love the data sheets, definitely worth the investment!” -Anon.

Love the Dice Decks series! They are so easy and convenient to use, and my students love to roll the dice and flip over the cards!” -Caryn L.

What's Included? 
★ What’s Included? ★


Each deck includes the following: 
• 30 interactive task cards x 3 opportunities each = 90 opportunities to practice this skill!
• Black and white {printer friendly} version of task cards
• Data Sheets
• Student Response Sheets
• Answer key

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