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Articulation DICE DECKS Mega Bundle

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Articulation DICE DECKS Mega Bundle The Elementary SLP Materials Shop

In this mega bundle you will receive ALL Articulation DICE DECKS for 20% off! 

Click the links below to view the individual DICE DECKS included: 

-Multisyllabic Words and Sentences 
-Articulation - R 
-Articulation - CH 
-Articulation - L 
-Articulation - S 
-Articulation - S-blends 
-Articulation - TH 
-Articulation - J 
-Articulation - K 
-Articulation - G 
-Articulation - SH 
-Articulation - F 

Each Articulation DICE DECK contains 30 interactive task cards with 3 words and 3 sentences per card to equal 90 opportunities to practice each sound in words and 90 opportunities to practice each sound in sentences! Initial, medial, and final positions are included (except for MSW and blends). Each sentence has 2 words with the target sound! 

★ What’s Included? ★
Each articulation DICE DECK includes the following: 
• Description and Suggestions 
• 30 interactive task cards
• Black and white {printer friendly} version of task cards
• Data Sheets

 What are SLPS saying? ★

"Finally, a brilliant way to meet everyone's needs when I have to hold a mixed group; the artic and language dice decks make planning and data gathering so much easier. Thank you!!!!" -Madelyn C. 

"SO perfect for my mixed articulation groups! Now I don't have to think of new words and sentences for when my students get bored with my usual artic cards. The dice rolling is fun and keeps them engaged too! -Aizel

"Super fun activity to shake things up in the speech room!" -Amy K. 

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