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Use these FREE Speech Therapy Conversation Starter Cards in a variety of ways: 

-Beginning of the year ice-breaker to get to know your students 

-Informal assessment of a student's speech & language skills 

-Carryover of learned speech & language skills 

-To target a variety of goals, such as articulation, fluency, pragmatics, answering questions, sentence structure, and more!

What's Included? 

- 30 cards x 3 opportunities each = 90 opportunities to start conversations! 

- Black & white (printer friendly) version of cards 

-Student Response Sheets 

 How do Dice Decks work? 

 DICE DECKS are highly engaging and make learning fun! Have a student roll a die. Then, have them look on their card for the corresponding number. If the die lands on a 1 or 4, question A will be answered. If it lands on a 2 or 5, question B will be answered. If it lands on a 3 or 6, question C will be answered.